The Luxe Nomad: Moonshadow Praised as one of the most “jaw-dropping” Villas in Asia!

26 March 2017
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If you have some spare time after deciding to rent out Villa Moonshadow, then please read the article linked below by the world’s leading luxury magazine, “The Luxe Nomad”* from Singapore, about Villa Moonshadow, and why it’s a “gorgeous holiday accommodation with amazing design and architecture”. Therefore, we were very honoured by the surprise, and we can only say that any travel-centric enthusiast will be pleased and amazed by the quality content of the magazine’s article. Enjoy!

* The Luxe Nomad sees itself as a forum covering “the finest from luxury properties, yachts and cars to the most expensive gadgets”.

Article about Villa Moonshadow


“Designed by star architect Bodin Sritrakul, Moon Shadow Villa is a multi award-winning landmark and emblem of excellence in Koh Samui. The clifftop villa is made of three free-standing pavilions, offering four bedrooms, a turquoise terrazzo infinity pool, tropical gardens, and an eco-pond, overlooking the beautiful bay of Koh Samui Coral Cove. Sritrakul designed the villa with the environment in mind, and it is naturally cooled by a cutting-edge waterfall power system.”

Luxury villas in Asia: Gorgeous holiday accommodations with amazing design and architecture

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